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New National Flameproof Mattress Regulation  Requires Acutely Toxic and Cancer Causing Chemicals in new mattresses.

July 1 2007 was compliance deadline for all mattresses nationwide.

Strobel Making News for Toxin-Free Prescription mattresses, CBS, NBC, ABC, FOX, Chicago Tribune, Washington Post, Medical Journals, more ...

Photo of blowtorch open flame test mattresses must withstand for 70 secondsJan-06 Government report proves we absorb Boric Acid (Roach Killer) and Antimony (Heavy Metal almost identical to Arsenic), and more, every night from flameproof beds. Many doctors say this is not safe. Many people do not want to absorb poisons nightly to avoid a one in 1.111 million mattress fire risk. Many people have already gotten sick. Dr. Plumlee, MD, says: “How many are intolerant who don’t know why they can’t sleep or feel bad?”

Fortunately, Doctors including Chiropractors can prescribe toxin free beds under the new law. We can arrange the prescription for you if needed. And, the prescription saves you the sales tax on the mattress set purchase, and it may also be deductible on your income taxes.

Buy direct from Manufacturer, or our Dealers, Chiropractor Dealers, or Call 800-456-6442 or click here for a dealer near you. They can custom fit you a mattress that provides Proven Best Back Support, 90% Less Tossing and Turning, and Clinically Proven Better Sleep, with our Patented "Lever Support System." Plus you know you are getting a toxin-free bed.


Beware of Organic or other mattresses that claim they use no chemicals. There are no labeling requirements. There are no chemical free systems that will pass the severe open flame test, not even wool, they are all toxic. Your only safe choice is a prescription mattress. See Organics Burn

We're Making News, Toxic vs. Toxin-Free Prescription Mattresses
TV stations CBS, NBC, ABC, FOX, Magazines, and Newspapers across the country have done news stories on toxic beds, and more are coming:
"Many manufacturers are predicting a backlash once consumers start to investigate what's really lying under their sheets with them." "Mattress factory workers are coming forward and admitting they are getting sick simply handling the new chemically-laden materials"

Photo of bottle of Boric Acid Roach KillerChiropractors Click Here

 Retailers Click Here

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If you have purchased a new mattress within the last two years you may already be at risk. Most new mattresses sold nationwide and all mattresses sold in California have already contained toxic chemicals to meet the new law. There are no labeling requirements of the chemicals in beds and many major manufacturers make no claims of their mattresses being fireproof. Thus it is impossible to know if you are getting a clean bed. All mattress makers will claim they use no chemicals, but the CPSC documents prove otherwise. Click here to see the CPSC table of chemicals used, and here to see their table of the amount of poisons absorbed daily from flameproof mattresses.

Even if you have an older mattress you may be at risk. PBDE flame retardants were widely used in mattresses before being recently banned due to health risks. You may have seen news these chemicals are being found in growing and alarming quantities in people's bodies and women's breast milk. See the USA Today story, and the Toronto story.


Recently, Boric Acid (yes, the Roach Killer), Antimony Trioxide, Silicon, Melamine, Formaldehyde, Decabromodiphenyl Oxide, and Ammonium Polyphosphate are the main chemicals being used by mattress manufacturers to meet state and federal flammability standards.

The CPSC has proven these chemicals leach to the surface of our mattresses and are absorbed by our bodies. They have proven we will absorb .8 mg of Antimony, and .08 mg of Boric Acid every day. We know Antimony accumulates in our bodies, is acutely toxic, and also causes cancer.

CPSC Risk Assessment of Flameproof Mattresses, see the facts firsthand: (Requires PDF viewer)
Short version, 17 selected pages highlighted
Full version, 77 pages Bookmarked Highlighted, Searchable

There can be as much or more than 1.5 pounds of these chemicals in the surface of a queen mattress. There are huge health risks from full body contact and breathing these chemicals eight hours a day for the rest of our lives. Our science warns us many of these chemicals are regarded as a carcinogen. Others are known to be a reproductive and developmental toxin: High prenatal mortality, birth defects, reduced fertility, sterility. Liver, kidney, brain, and heart muscle damage are other effects. Plus much more! The consumer products safety commission hopes to save one out of one million people with this law. People with allergies, asthma, preexisting conditions, and other special populations, are probably at even greater risk. Learn more about the risks by clicking here.

Protect Yourself –  with your doctor's prescription you can buy a mattresses free from flame retardant chemicals. Fortunately, the law allows “a physician, chiropractor, or osteopath licensed or otherwise permitted to practice by any State of the United States,” to prescribe a special mattress free of these chemicals to a named individual.

Order online, by phone, or through our dealers, but before we can ship we must by law have a written prescription to a named individual on file. Simply have your doctor fax your prescription to 812-282-6528, or we can arrange a prescription through your doctor or another doctor.

See Poison Bed Video


Toxin Free Mattresses & Prices,  buy direct from Manufacturer or our Dealers 

Our New Patented “Lever Support System” is a technological breakthrough unmatched in the mattress industry.

The Lever-Support System works like a teeter-totter, when larger parts of your body depress one end of the Levers, the other ends actually push up, to support recessed areas such as the small of the back. Combine the Levers with our Polyfilax Elastic Polymer surface and you have the most perfect bed invented to date.

M.D's and Chiropractors Agree... Supple-Pedic is Best


Dr. Brian Anseeuw, DC, MD “The patented design for equal support incorporated with space age polymers, gives comfort not seen in any other mattress.
Dr. Richard W. Powell, MD “The Strobel Supple-Pedic Mattress is improving sleep quantity and depth reducing pain and increasing quality of life.
Dr. John A. Wisman, DC “The support this system provides is critical to better health.

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