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MD’s and Chiropractors agree, Supple-Pedic is best

“The feature that made your Supple-Pedic stand out from the competition was the combination of Polyfilax and your patented Lever-Spring system. Most people spend almost one third of their lives sleeping, and the support this system provides is critical to better health.”

“I began my own clinical trials over one-year ago, recommending Supple-Pedic beds to a large number of patients, particularly the most complicated cases. The results have been tremendous. In almost every single case my patients have reported an improved quality of sleep as well as a significant reduction of symptoms.”

“Over the years we have treated tough cases from the US men’s and women’s ski teams as well as professional athletes and tough cases from all over the world. We pride ourselves on short-term treatment with long term results and your beds have become an integral part of our success.”

“I honestly believe that Supple-Pedic beds provide the best nights sleep on earth.”
     - John A. Wisman, DC

“As a Neurologist specializing in low back and chronic pain,
I am constantly seeing patient’s whose lives have been completely altered and/or destroyed by chronic pain. One thing in common with all these unfortunate people is their lack of a good nights sleep. Without a complete and restful sleep their condition becomes even more unbearable.

As we approach the twenty-first century, man’s technology has grown in leaps and bounds in making our lives simpler and easier. That is except for the technology used by the conventional mattress manufacturers. It takes true insight and vision to develop what your company has done in the science of sleep.

The patented design for equal support incorporated with space age polymers, gives comfort not seen in any other mattress. This is especially important to someone suffering from a debilitating condition.

This mattress may just be the answer to the question. How can I get a good nights sleep? It is truly the mattress for the next millennium. … I give Supple-Pedic a resounding endorsement.”
     - Brian Anseeuw, DC, MD

“The Strobel Supple-Pedic Mattress is improving sleep quantity and depth reducing pain and increasing quality of life. … The Strobel Supple-Pedic Mattress reduced night time movements by 90% …This begs the query, ‘Are the nocturnal sleep disorders due to the inner spring mattress? … Sleeping on the Supple-Pedic Bed is like ‘Butter melting on to fresh sourdough bread.’”
     – Richard W. Powell, MD

Pressure Mapping

On competitive mattress Red and Yellow areas show where blood circulation is cut off.  You toss and turn at night in an unconscious effort to keep your blood circulating.

Supple-Pedic's lower pressure means more comfort and better sleep.

Clinically Proven Better Sleep

Strobel's Supple-Pedic with Patented Lever Support System, is a true technological breakthrough.

Research done at the University of Louisville Hospital Sleep Center, one of the most renowned and respected sleep centers in the country, proves that: 9 out of 10 people sleep much better on the Supple-Pedic mattress.

  • 90% slept much better on the Supple-Pedic mattress.        

  • 80% tossed and turned less.        

  • 91% thought the mattress was more comfortable than their mattress at home

Quality of sleep was much better on Supple-Pedic.

A doctor at the hospital said: That the hospital should buy Supple-Pedic mattresses for   all the beds in the hospital.

The director of the University Sleep Center said: "Trying to compare the Supple-Pedic mattress to regular mattresses is like trying to compare a Cadillac to a Volkswagen. I would like to assure you that we have had nothing but accolades regarding our patients quality of sleep when using this mattress.   ... we will think seriously about purchasing this mattress for the rest of our beds."

Overall, exceptionally strong comments such as:

"Comfortable, soft but firm enough to support your body"
"Would recommend to everyone!"
"Very comfortable."
"The Best"
"I enjoyed a good nights rest."
"Extremely Comfortable - slept like a baby"
"I sleep on a waterbed at home & love it. This is even better. How do I get one?"
"Very Nice, How can I get one at home?"

Customer comments

 “Extremely comfortable.  Difficult to sleep well when traveling since owning this mattress.”
Suzanne C., Las Vegas, NV

“What else can I say, I love it!” 
Ruth H., Arlington, VA

“The bed is wonderful.”
   - Laura P., Omaha, NE

“For the first time in years, I can sleep on my back.”  Robert W., Excelsior Sp., MO
“I purchased the queen-sized Strobel Supple-Pedic a couple of months ago, and I love it!  I feel refreshed when I wake up, and my back feels much better throughout the day. Thank you!”
Barbara W., Wappingers Falls, NY

“This mattress is by far the most comfortable bed/or any piece of furniture I have ever slept/sat on!!  I will pass the word along.”
   - Donna S., Sarasota, FL

“Have gotten several friends to purchase one.  We love it!”
Julie H., San Angelo, TX

“The biggest advantage of this mattress over my previous mattress has to do with sleeping with a partner.  When my husband turns over or gets up, I am not aware of his movement, and therefore, get a more restful sleep.” 
   - Mary H., Reston, VA

“My husband and I love the Supple-Pedic.  I doubt we will ever own anything but a Supple-Pedic mattress.”
   - Lodema H., Oxnard, CA

“It just feels good!” 
Jeanne D., Colchester, VA