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Supple-Pedic Mattresses Overview

The Supple Pedic experience is unique and amazing. As you relax on this mattress it will embrace you as you begin to settle into our exclusive pressure relieving material (Polyfilax). You will feel it conforming and supporting every part of your body. You will experience it soothe the tension of your shoulder blades and lower back. You will quickly realize there are no pressure points, your entire body is relaxed and comfortable. You feel weightless, contented, relaxed at ease and secure.

Supple-Pedic provides the lowest surface pressures of any mattress on the market today. The result of this exceptional pressure relief combined with proper support is simply the most comfortable mattress in the world.

Polyfilax is as close to perfection for providing comfortable and relaxing sleep as any material existing today. Polyfilax is a unique and proprietary formulation of a plastic memory copolymer material. This material is similar to those developed by NASA for use in the space program. The purpose of these materials was to reduce the unequal gravity and pressure forces experienced by astronauts during lift off. Polyfilax has the ability to balance load dispersal over an entire load mass. Polifilax is also thermally activated, it becomes more pliable (liquid) and pressure dispersing the warmer it becomes. Conceptually the warmth of the human body produces a melting affect. This provides a sensation of floating. Additionally, as the temperature of the material decreases as a result of the distance from the body, it becomes gradually less fluid providing a consistent and evenly distributed source of support.

The patented Lever Support System is an exclusive technology developed and tested by Strobel Technologies. It is an integral part of the support design and unique support properties of the Supple-Pedic line of mattresses. The benefit of the Lever Support System is the provision of balanced support to recessed contours of the body. The Lever Support system works in concert with the Polyfilax to provide uniform contouring across the entire body, including the hips, shoulders and small of the back.

The Lever-Support components are approximately 8 to 12 inches wide and constructed of high resilience spring wire rods.  Each Lever-Support looks like a ladder with an additional center support fulcrum in the middle.  There are six Lever-Support modules running horizontally directly under the Polyfilax layer.  These modules work in tandem as a system to compensate for unequal pressures.  Similar to a teeter-totter, when a comparably heavy weight, such as the hips, is applied to one side of the Lever-Support, the other side springs up to provide additional support to recessed areas such as the lower back.  The resulting sensation is that of uniform support along the entire length of the body. This unique combination provides the lowest surface pressures of any mattress on the market today.

Longevity, testing and warranty

In testing with the Octagonal Roller Test the Supple-Pedic endured over 300,000 cycles, or 600,000 passes of a 240 pound roller with no perceptible damage. Three times the normal length of the test. The equivalent of over 30 years actual use. Accordingly we offer a 10 year non-prorated / 30 year prorated warranty on the Supple-Pedic 3000, 4500, and 6000 models and a 5 year non-prorated / 20 year prorated warranty on the Supple-Forma mattresses.


Europeans have used removable and cleanable mattress covers for years. Allergens, bacteria, and ammonia from perspiration will build up in any mattress cover creating unsanitary conditions. Every mattress cover should be cleaned every six months to one year.  The Supple-Pedic mattress is offered in 3 different covers, 2 European stretch covers and a traditional Damask cover. Each of these covers is zippered and removable to allow for easy cleaning.


The natures of the materials in Supple-Pedic are simply non-allergenic.

Dust Mite Free
Dust Mites simply cannot live in Polyfilax or any other component of the mattress due to the nature of the material.

Replaceable/Changeable/Airable Components
The inner components of Supple-Pedic are three or more separate layers: Polyfilax, Lever Support System unit, and base. Each layer can be taken out separately and aired out. If a component should ever need replacement, you can change just that part without having to replace the entire mattress. Conversely you can create different feels in a dual system for two sleepers. If one wants a softer feel such as the 6000 and the other wants the firmer feel of the 3000, you can achieve this in one mattress with Supple-Pedic.


Accepts Adjustable Beds
Unlike most innersprings, Supple-Pedic does not have a border wire and is flexible enough to use on any adjustable bed base.


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