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Beware of Organic mattresses that claim to use no chemicals to pass the open flame test:

See Wool Burns


We now offer mattresses with Pure Organic Cotton Covers, call for details 800-457-6442


Organic Cotton Mattresses

We want you to be happy with your purchase and let you know Cotton Filling in mattresses will pack down by 50% and become hard. Wool filling will pack down by 30%.  Things have now changed with the new national flameproof mattress law. The overwhelming majority of cotton filling/batting processed in the US now contains Boric Acid and Antimony to meet the new fire law. A cotton processing company told us that even organic cotton is processed through the same equipment and would contain a few percentage points of contamination with these chemicals. He also said he knew of no processor in the country who had separate lines to process organic cotton, as the equipment is very expensive. Cotton filling can harbor vermin, dust mites, and bed bugs. The above applies only to cotton fillings, not cotton fabrics and covers which we think are safe and natural.

If you want a natural mattress we recommend our 100% natural latex mattresses. Some people do have allergies to latex but this is usually to gloves or other latex in direct contact with skin. Mattresses have a layer of fabric over the latex and your mattress pad and sheets also give protection.

If you want a hypo-allergenic mattress we recommend polyester fillings and pure prime urethane foam with no added flame retardants or chemicals. Polyester has been used in pillows, mattress pads, comforters, bedspreads, and upholstered furniture for many years with no harmful effects. Urethane foam has been used in mattresses, automobile seats, chairs, furniture, and children's toys for many years, again with no harmful effects. Almost everything you sit or lay on contains foam. Vermin and dust mites or bed bugs do not exist or grow in these materials. In their fully cured form, and without added toxic flame retardants, these materials are very inert, safe, and recyclable.

But, some people have different opinions, and if you really want an organic cotton mattress we offer them. We just want you to hear another side of the story that is usually not told. The real risk today is toxic chemicals being added to mattresses to make them flameproof. Call 800-457-6442 for specs and prices on our organic cotton mattresses.