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Medical Doctors Comments on Flameproof Mattresses


Dr Lawrence A. Plumlee,  MD, Chemical Sensitivity Disorders Association, Dallas, TX 75220-3757

I know many chemically sensitive people who do not tolerate treated mattresses. And how many are intolerant who don't know why they can't sleep or feel bad? *******************************************************************************

Dr. Margot Mayer-Proschel, Ph.D., University of Rochester School of Medicine, Rochester, NY  14534

After doing my own literature research it is quite incredible that law makers are willing to risk the health of thousands of people. According to available scientific data it is NOT clear whether the levels of chemicals one is exposed to on a chronic basis by sleeping on treated mattresses is safe, especially for children and pregnant women. I have yet to find a single scientific study that supports the use of these chemical in mattresses and labels them as "safe". It is another example of ignorance beyond reason and one begins to questions the true motivation of the individuals pushing for a national law to include these chemical in all mattresses. Maybe one should start to ask who would financially benefit from such a law to get the true motivation?

(Dr. Mayer-Proschel has published 18 scientific studies in neurotoxicology.)

Dr.  Susan Toron,  D.C., 106 E. Ridgewood Ave., Paramus, NJ  07652

I was forced to purchase an organic cotton bed for my son after learning he was being poisoned by the chemicals in his mattress. In testing, he had 3x the level of Antimony in his system, which was causing significant health and behavior problems (he was 4 at the time). Within 6 months of getting him out of the chemical bed and into the organic one, his antimony levels went back to normal, and his health and behavior problems stopped. Bottom line is that we do not deserve to be poisoned by chemicals we are unaware of, especially when it comes to our mattresses. How many of us have health problems we are dealing with that are from the chemicals we are being exposed to from our mattresses? As someone who lived through the horror of watching her son deal with chronic health and behavior problems at 4 years old, only to find out it was from his mattress, I feel these chemicals definitely do not belong in our homes. We should have a choice, don't you think. Unfortunately, most of us do not have the knowledge to make the choice, because this information is not readily available. Let's fight for change.

Dr. Jesus R. Marante, MD, Daytop Village Inc., 92 East Broad St., Bergenfield NJ 07621

It is my personal opinion (As a Physician), that, if we have doubts regarding the effects of any particular substances to human body, we cannot put anybody in that particular risk, this is ethically unacceptable. Maybe there are big interests in that law, but, for me, the most important is the human being and its health

Dr. Allan D. Liberman, M.D., F.A.A.E.M., Consultant in Occupational and Environmental Medicine, CENTER FOR OCCUPATIONAL & ENVIRONMENTAL MEDICINE, P.A. N. CHARLESTON, SC. 29420-4297

It seems ill advised to expose hundreds of millions of people to a potential health hazard in order to protect a very few.  . I am absolutely opposed to adding the proposed toxic chemicals to mattresses. I render my opinion based on my education, training and experience in the field of occupational and environmental medicine.

Dr. Elizabeth Vaughan, MD, Vaughan Medical Center, Greensboro, NC  27408

I am a physician who treats patients with many debilitating illnesses that other physicians can't figure out. I practice environmental medicine and integrative medicine.

People are already exposed to an inordinate number of chemicals in our environment that our ancestors never had to detoxify or eliminate from their bodies. We are seeing more autism, more neuro-degenerative diseases, more asthma and allergies, more "irritable bowel syndrome", more early dementia, etc. Many of these patients get better when they are detoxed and avoid the chemicals that are triggering the symptoms and illnesses. There is ample scientific and epidemiological evidence right now that these chemicals can be very dangerous for humans. The CPSC needs to protect us from these chemicals, not throw more at us. If the CPSC pushes this law forward, they need to change their name.