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Supple-Pedic Customers Say …

Medical Comments

General Comments

“After six years of wakening with chronic back pain, it has finally been eliminated.  It’s so nice to be able to bend over and tie my shoes in the early morning.”

                        Barbara T., Orient, OH

 “I have not slept this great in years.  It helps my back and neck pain tremendously.”

                        Dave C., Denver, CO

 “There are no pressure points yet it provides excellent support! I highly recommend it.”

                        Valerie A., Lincoln, NE

 “Over the past years I have had difficulty sleeping due to pain in my low back and always woke up with a backache.  This problem was almost immediately alleviated in just a few nights.  A check up visit with my Neurologist found a great improvement in the S-2 radiculopathy that was causing a good deal of the problem.”

                        Barbara  G., Huffman, TX

 “I am finding it harder to take an afternoon nap because I sleep so sound at night.”

                        Lorna  H., Litchfield, MI

 “I have back and neck pain, while lying on the Supple-Pedic mattress I feel weightless with no pain.”

                        Jill H., Fall City, WA

 “This is the best mattress/sleep system I have ever felt.”

                        Neil S., Lombard, IL

 “I have chronic back and neck pain and the Supple-Pedic mattress lets me sleep on my side for the first time in a long while without pain.”

                        Lee  R., Litchfield, MI 

 “I would like to thank you personally, my wife has MS and this mattress helps to take the pain out of her left leg, which usually keeps her up all hours of the night.”

                        William O., Boise, ID

 “I have arthritis and the Supple-Pedic has helped to alleviate the pain while I sleep.”

                        Remi L., Helena, MT

Medical Comments

"I've never awakened without back stiffness - even when I was a child. But the first night on this mattress was amazing. I woke up the next morning and bent over to feed the dog and there was no stiffness or pain!" Karen R., Denver, CO (back pain/arthritis sufferer, plus had surgery for rotator cuff/shoulder)

"The pain is gone, and sleeping is more restful and deep." Ruth B., Dallas, TX (back pain, neck pain, and arthritis sufferer)

"It's the most comfortable bed I've slept in yet. My parents, who are living with us at the present time, had not heard of this particular bed. Since my dad spends most of his time in bed, this seemed a wise choice and has proved to be the best solution." Wasser family (arthritis, prostate cancer, and Parkinson's Disease sufferers)

"Already recommended to two friends with back pain." Laurie P., Warren, VT (back pain sufferer)

"For me, the most comfortable bedding ever (age 73}." Dennis K., White Bear Lake, MN (back pain and arthritis sufferer)

"I am pleased with my Supple-Pedic mattress and am grateful for the extra comfort I receive from sleeping on it." Rosalie A., Dallas, TX (back pain, arthritis, neck pain, degenerative disk sufferer, as well as having had L2-3 discs removed from spine and total knee replacement)

"Great product!" Whitney V., Greensboro, NC (back pain, neck pain, and fibromyalgia sufferer)

"It has taken a while to switch from a waterbed. I tried a coil mattress before this set, and this set is more comfortable." Theresa L., Kearney, NE (back pain, neck pain sufferer with pinched nerve in hip)

"This mattress is wonderful. No more back pain and sleep much better. I enjoy going to bed now knowing I'll get the rest I need." James K., Manfred, ND (back pain and arthritis sufferer, sees a physical therapist)

"Have only had Supple-Pedic for a few days, but fine so far - much better than waterbed!" Jack T., Montague, MI (has Ehler-Danlos Syndrome and has had 15 spinal surgeries)

"Now I think I know what sleeping on a cloud in heaven must feel like! Thanks. P.S. No more M.D. or chiropractic appointments needed since purchasing this system." Georgia M., Owensboro, KY (shoulder injury)

"I would love to get one for my 86-year old mother . . . I am very impressed. My sleep is more restful, I wake up comfortable! And, my chronic back pain is even starting to ease up a bit! I am very happy . . ." Marianna H., Essex, VT (back pain and multiple sclerosis sufferer)

"We can't believe how comfortable our new Supple-Pedic sleep system is! We're waking up with no pain for the first time in years! Thank you!" Karlo S., Milton, VT (back and neck pain sufferers)

"We have only slept in this bed two nights, but already can see how it is going to help us. I have severe rheumatoid arthritis and have trouble with pressure points, and my wife has not been able to sleep a full night in bed without going to her recliner up to now." Neil W., Van Vleck, TX (back pain, arthritis, neck/knee/elbow pain sufferers)

"I've only had the bed for a few days . . . I don't have as much hip and shoulder pain when I get up." Veronica H., Sacramento, CA (back pain, arthritis, neck pain, degenerative disc sufferer)

"Wonderful bed! Eased back pain, helped my posture, NOT sore when I wake up in the morning. Can actually stand up STRAIGHT in the morning. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!" Saed K., St. Paul, MN (back pain arthritis, neck pain, degenerative disc sufferer)

"I tried the Tempur-Pedic mattress. I weigh over 300 lbs. I would sink down into the mattress and would make it difficult to turn over and change positions, at times that would make it painful." Anonymous (back pain sufferer and 2 back surgeries)

"Amazing comfort. I can finally sleep through the entire night. My cats love to sleep on this mattress, too!" Tiffany N., Portland, OR (Back pain, degenerative disc, and herniated disc sufferer)

"This was a birthday gift for my husband - and for the first time ever that I know of, he wakes up pain-free. It's already worth the investment!!" Joanne G., Mt. Pleasant, MI (back and neck pain sufferer)

"I still have pain, but the mattress alleviates some of it. It is the best thing I have found in years." Virginia S., Billings, MT (back pain, arthritis, degenerative disc, and neck pain sufferer)

"We both have had a noticeable reduction of back pain and sleep much quieter and sounder. So far, after one month, we are very happy." (back and neck pain sufferers)

"My new mattress supports me - I weigh 280 lbs. - very, very well, yet with a surface softness that does not cause me the pain a "firm" coil mattress would." Virgil M., Sacramento, CA (back pain, arthritis, degenerative disc, and arthritic hip sufferer)

"I had bought a coil mattress . . . was very unhappy with it. I was only getting 5 hours of sleep and waking in the middle of the night. The mattress was defective so . . . I asked to reorder a different brand mattress. I love the Supple-Pedic. I'm getting 7 hours sleep, and I sleep through the night. Back pain is minimal. With the other mattress, I could hardly get out of bed -- it was so painful. We love it. Recommended it to our friends!" Evelyn K., Deposit, NY (back, neck, and hip pain)

"I wake up feeling ready to go!" Bob B. Cuyahoga Falls, OH (suffers soreness from running and exercise)

"My wife and I want to thank you for the way in which you handled our request for a new bed. My new Supple-Pedic is out of this world, and the difference is night and day. My hip has stopped hurting, and my wife's back if fine now. I only wish more companies in America treated their customers as well as you . . . it would be a wondrous place! Again, thank you so much for your kindness and professionalism. We tell as many people as we can about our "magic" bed!" Stephen and Becky D., Milpitas, CA (hip and back pain sufferers)

"Took no getting used to." Diane R., Laughlin, NV (back pain, arthritis, and fibromyalgia sufferer)

"This mattress is wonderful. No more back pain, and sleep much better. I enjoy going to bed now knowing I'll get the rest I need." Ellen K. (back pain and arthritis sufferer who sees a physical therapist)

"I have been receiving chiropractic work/attention for the past three years and decided to buy a new bed because of chronic back pain (which the chiropractor could not relieve). I slept for the first time last night, almost all night. And, that's a miracle. For having the bed only one night, the difference is there! You do an excellent job." Natalie O., Sanford, FL (back pain, neck pain, degenerative disc)

"We have also been prescribing it to many of my workmen's comp. patients with back pain, with benefit." Dr. Richard Powell

General Comments

"I received the bed in excellent condition, and it is everything I thought it would be." Peggy K., Cocoa, FL

"My husband and I really like your mattress system. We have already recommended your product to several friends. Only problem is that it is very difficult to sleep on anything else!" Nina A., Gainesville, VA

"Wonderful service! Thank you so much for being so easy to work with." Jenna L., Pacific Palisades, CA

"My husband and I love the Supple-Pedic. I doubt we will ever own anything but a Supple-Pedic mattress." Lodema H., Oxnard, CA

"It just feels good!" Jeanne D., Colchester, VA

"…happy with product!" Deborah P., Palo Alto, CA

"The perfect mattress!" Ashley S., West Chester, PA

"We wish we had had this mattress a long time ago. Have already recommended it to friends." Anonymous

"It is a wonderful mattress. Best night's sleep I have had in years." H.S.R.

"We are very happy with the mattress comfort level." Virginia S., Carlisle, PA

"It's super! I am trying to convince friends to purchase, and especially my mother for her arthritis." Ginny T., Arvada, CO

"This is the most comfortable mattress I have ever slept on." Mari Jo M., Norristown, PA

"Have only had the mattress a few days and liked it immediately." Herb H., Seattle, WA

"Very nice mattress!" Mark L., Dallas, TX

"This mattress is by far the most comfortable bed/or any piece of furniture I have ever slept/sat on!! I will pass the word along." Donna S., Sarasota, FL

"Bed is new but results are good." Jeff Eliasoph, Dallas, TX

"Love the bed!" Kathy B., Fremont, CA

"Have gotten several friends to purchase one. We love it!" Julie H., San Angelo, TX

"Extremely comfortable. Difficult to sleep well when traveling since owning this mattress." Suzanne C., Las Vegas, NV

"What else can I say, I love it!" Ruth H., Arlington, VA

"The bed is wonderful." Laura P., Omaha, NE

"Some days it is hard to get up in the morning because my new bed is so comfortable." Anonymous

"We cannot say enough about the mattress. We bought two of them. One for the guestroom." Anonymous

"Worth the price. Appreciate the fact that thickness of mattress enables me to use my linens without altering them. Bed is easier to change than a coil mattress." Marylou M., Sacramento, CA

"I was born and raised in Indiana, and I am very glad to see such a fine product coming from Hoosierland." Mike G., Cambria, CA

"For the first time in years, I can sleep on my back." Robert W., Excelsior Sp., MO

"It took a little while (few days) to get used to, but we like it a lot now!" T. B., Walnut Creek, CA

"I like the way my Supple-Pedic 6000 retains its shape. It is so quiet, comfortable, and cozy, that I look forward to sleeping on it each night." John D., Springfield, VA

"The bed is great!" Sheri C., Dallas, TX

"I purchased the queen-sized Strobel Supple-Pedic a couple of months ago, and I love it! I feel refreshed when I wake up, and my back feels much better throughout the day. I feel your beds are better than Tempur-Pedic (and cost considerably less). Thank you!" Barbara W., Wappingers Falls, NY

"Getting a better night's sleep!" Leona C., South San Francisco, CA

"I like that it springs back to its original shape, and I like that it doesn't move around that much." Brenda C., Indianapolis, IN

"Bought the 3000 . . . comfortable . . . wife loves it! I am very pleased! Really love it! Sleep more soundly than ever." James W., Enumclaw, WA

"The biggest advantage of this mattress over my previous mattress has to do with sleeping with a partner. When my husband turns over or gets up, I am not aware of his movement, and therefore, get a more restful sleep." Mary H., Reston, VA

"Thank you for a good product!" W.S.R., Longwood, FL

"As far as comfort, it is the best. It is the first mattress I ever was able to sleep on without a pillow . . . I have a restful night's sleep that I wasn't getting with the box spring orthopedic mattress I previously had." Alice H., LeRoy, MN

"This bed is truly excellent. We purchased it at the Relax The Back store and the salesman was very knowledgeable, not to mention, helpful. My wife and I sleep much better and wake up feeling rested." George L., Las Vegas, NV

"A big thank-you to (my salesperson at a dealer) in Greenwood, SC, for showing us this product!" Gary G., Abbeville, SC

"So far, the bed has been excellent! I'm hoping it continues to be as comfortable for the next 30 years as promised it would. I like the way it conforms around my body to support it everywhere." Teresa B., Shingle Springs, CA

"Like it very much." Dorothy W., Alburg, VT

"Neither my husband nor I "suffer", but were waking during the night. We've had our Supple-Pedic for over two months - sleeping beautifully - like babies. It's as if the mattress "holds" you in comfort." Anonymous

"Sleeping very well, very satisfied." Ken K., Drexel Hill, PA

"I've spent A LOT of money searching for the ideal bed. My search is over!! Whoever started the myth that older people don't sleep 8 hours, because they don't need to, has obviously never slept on your bed! A combination of your bed and pillow has me using an alarm clock again! I tried a travel pillow from Backsaver Products (Division of Nepso, Inc.), Holliston, MA. YOURS is far superior! It conforms to MY body." Donna J., Fortuna, CA

"Best mattress that I ever had." Paul A. Tacoma, WA

"Already have told several friends . . ." Eva M., Toronto, Canada, ONT



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