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CPSC Risk Assessment

If you are skeptical

Please see the facts firsthand in a few highlighted pages of the US Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC) Risk Assessment of Flameproof Mattresses.

 (Requires PDF viewer)
Short version, 17 selected pages highlighted
Full version, 77 pages Bookmarked Highlighted, Searchable

 You will see:

They have proven known acutely toxic and cancer causing chemicals leach from flameproof mattresses in large quantities and are absorbed by our bodies.

There is no science that says this is safe. The only document justifying this regulation is the internally generated CPSC risk assessment that manipulates everything possible to reach a preexisting conclusion. It basically failed the independent review as they rebutted and ignored the recommendations of the independent reviewer. They underestimate the amount of poisons we absorb, overestimate the amount that is safe, change and omit relevant tests, and exclude children under age five. Yet only 37 days after completion of this report, and over the objections of 800 Doctor and public comments, the CPSC voted 3-0 to enact the national flameproof mattress regulation.

We know we absorb medicine through our skin from small patches. By assuming, without skin absorption data, that we would absorb only 1/10,000’s of the Boric Acid, 1/1,000’s of the DBDPO, 2/1,000 of the Antimony, that has leached to the surface and contacts our body, the government says we will absorb an average daily dose of .081 mg Boric Acid, .073 mg DBDPO, .802 mg Antimony, every night, for the rest of our lives.

The CPSC concludes this amount of poison absorption is safe for everyone except children under age five, who they excluded from the risk assessment by assuming all these young children will sleep on vinyl sheets due to bedwetting problems, and that this will protect them from the toxic chemicals. Other research has proven Antimony leaches through vinyl on mattresses. Crib mattresses must also be flameproof under the law.

(Research has shown even remarkably low level toxin exposure can be harmful, particularly for the developing fetus and young child.)

The independent reviewer complained strongly that they changed the rules of the National Academes of Science ‘Child Sucking Test.’ Then they did not even apply the test to young children who the test was designed to protect. We had previously informed the CPSC that our calculations showed flameproof mattresses would clearly fail this test.

The independent reviewer complained repeatedly that CPSC assumptions of safe levels of toxin absorption do not agree with other agencies. Indeed, if you use the EPA number for Antimony safe absorption in CPSC safety calculations, even with their low skin absorption assumptions, it proves mattresses toxic by 27.5 times.

When pressed by the independent reviewer about the cancer risks, the CPSC admits: “The cancer effects are cumulative, every exposure contributes to the overall lifetime risk of developing cancer.”