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I don't need anything NEW, I've got a battle to fight!

Strobel offers Dealers and Consumers the newest technologies in mattresses (Inner-Spring mattresses were invented in 1871)

To become a dealer and receive free info kit with wholesale prices click here

We offer a 2 minute DVD video on Poison Beds and our answer you can show your customers. To see a small screen internet version click here.

You can offer Strobel's toxin free mattresses to the growing number of people concerned about the new chemicals in beds, and even create a niche if you choose and advertise clean beds. Plus, we are making news, get more and more requests for local dealers at our websites, and we send these customers to you.

Prescriptions are easier than you think and your customer can easily get the prescription from their regular doctor or chiropractor, or you can arrange one which is seldom necessary. Plus a prescription saves them the sales tax, makes the bed purchase deductible, and they can use their health savings account. You benefit because it creates a network of doctors who send customers to you.

Point of Purchase Displays available to dealers

See more examples of our 3-in-One Bed Display,  in store POP and different bed cover options click here.



Photo Galleries

See examples of our 3-in-One Bed Display,  in store POP and different bed cover options click here.

3-in-One Dealer Program
Now you can showcase all three models of the Supple-Pedic product line using only one Queen bed space on your floor. 
3-in-One Bed Display  

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